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Issues with Slack call & drawing on screen : Slack

When I make a slack call with coworkers, screen sharing and drawing works fine on my Macbook Pro (Catalina 10.15.3), but the drawing part doesn't work if the application is full screen or I'm swiping between different full screen apps. The person I'm on a call with will draw on my screen but I can't see it if it's a full screen app.

Slack Draw on Screen Not Working Windows 10 : Slack

Slack Draw on Screen Not Working Windows 10 Hi I just started using slack with my company and when I share my screen with my co-workers I can't see them drawing on my screen. Is there a fix for this I'm currently running Windows 10

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Can't see coworkers' drawings when sharing my screen : Slack

The call is working well but the drawing functionality is not. My coworkers tells me that they can see their own drawings on my screen. Me, I can't. When I click the pencil icon, the pencil does not appear. And also I can't draw on own my screen neither. Do you guys have any idea what it's going on? Am I doing something wrong?

Share your screen with Slack calls | Slack

Hop on a Slack call to do the following: Present your screen Draw on your screen Let others draw on your screen

Use screen sharing to solve problems collaboratively | Slack ...

Hit the Call button in Slack to start a Slack Call; Once connected on a call, hit the Share screen button. This also activates screen drawing, where participants can draw on the screen, in case you want to circle an area of the screen to highlight it or want to sketch out a new idea. Select the pencil icon during screen sharing to begin drawing.

Screen sharing drawing bug on Mac slack client : Slack

Screen sharing drawing bug on Mac slack client. This occurs when I'm screen sharing a full-screen app on the mac slack client. I can't see when people draw on my screen. I can see when taking the app out of full-screen mode. Any help or fixes would be greatly appreciated as this is pretty annoying. 3 comments.

The Most Common Slack Problems and How to Fix Them | Digital ...

In the Slack desktop app, you can clear your cache by clicking on the Three Horizontal Lines icon in the top-left corner of your screen. Then, select Help > Troubleshooting > Clear Cache and Restart.

Screen share drawing showing on desktop only? : Slack

My collaborator can only see screen share drawings when the windows open are minimized. Meaning the slack draw tool is only drawing onto the desktop. 0 comments. 100% Upvoted.