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The Golf Handicap Calculator can determine the actual handicap you should use from the course's slope. A USGA handicap is needed to use the Golf Handicap Calculator. The Golf Handicap Calculator uses official USGA formulas. Course and Slope information can be found on the course's scorecard. For more information, visit www.usga.org.

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All you have to enter is your adjusted round score (ie no hole score worse than a double bogey as per latest CONGU rules), your current exact handicap and your course Standard Scratch. A handicap calculator is also included in our more complex Golf: Performance Analysis tool. Please watch the instructional video at the bottom of the page for a ...

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This golf handicap calculator, which has been updated to comply with the new world handicap system (whs) that took effect on january 1, 2020, will quickly calculate your handicap index and course handicaps. There are two different worksheets within the spreadsheet one is 18 hole scorecard and the other is 9 hole scorecard.

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This Golf Handicap Calculator, which has been updated to comply with the new World Handicap System (WHS) that took effect on January 1, 2020, will quickly calculate your handicap index and course handicaps.. You can enter 18 or 9-hole adjusted gross scores, or use the built-in hole-by-hole form to add up your score while adjusting your score for any holes that exceed your Net Double Bogey ...

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Course Handicap = (Handicap Index) X (Slope Rating**) ÷ 113. You can also use the USGA's Course Handicap Calculator for performing the above calculation. With the help of our free golf handicap calculator above and a simple formula, you now have your Index® and Course Handicap.

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Two free calculators for computing a golf player's course handicap and the player's World Handicap System (WHS) handicap index based on their past scores. In addition, explore hundreds of other calculators addressing math, fitness, health, finance, and more.

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In cell H22, enter the formula to compute 96 percent of the average of the 10 differentials: “=G22*0.096." In cell I22, enter the formula to truncate the computed handicap to the tenths place: “=ROUNDDOWN (H22,1).”. This cell contains the computed handicap.

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Free golf handicap calculator: calculate golf handicap . Excel Details: This interactive free golf handicap calculator will help you to compute your 18-hole handicap index for scores posted from multiple golf courses (of 3,000 yards or more in length). The USGA has a slightly different formula for scores from courses that are 3,000 yards or less in length.