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2020-21 NBA Roster v. 0.1 : BasketballGM - reddit

Updated rosters and transactions as of November 6, with 12 Hall of Famers, historical stats for 436 players, accurate players jersey numbers and retired jersey numbers, complete 2020 and 2021 draft classes, 43 players for the 2022 draft class and 1 player for the 2023 draft class! Players created: Hall of Famer Julius Erving, 2020 draft prospect Elijah Hughes and 2022 draft prospect Ousmane Dieng.

Basketball GM - reddit

Make the playoffs all one game series’s. Have 30 games in the regular season. 2 periods, each 20 minutes. Adjust the bonus rules, (can’t remember them off the top of my head but the Internet is your friend). 5 fouls to foul out. Adjust the pace to your liking (I usually just leave it at 100). Make the draft age [17,17]

2021-2022 NBA Roster v. 0.7 (Opening Night Rosters ...

18.4k members in the BasketballGM community. Subreddit for discussion about Basketball GM https://basketball-gm.com/ , a free basketball management …

All Time NBA Franchise Rosters for Basketball GM - reddit

Op · 4y · edited 4y. In Honor of my world-famous San Antonio Spurs reaching the conference finals I'll publish my first attempt at a franchise-based All Time NBA simulation file for Basketball GM. I've been researching this project for a while and had begun to code a simulation engine in R when I discovered Basketball GM.

2021-2022 NBA Roster v. 0.4 (Free Agents edition ... - reddit.com

He has yet to retire, but is a free agent and at 41 OVR won’t be signed; at least he can say he commandeered a title-winning team, a feat likely to put him in the Hall of Fame. Career: 1423 G, 19.6/6.6/6.3, 188.4 WS; 1x Champ, 1x FMVP, 3x All-League, 3x All-Defensive, 9x All-Star, All-Rookie.

2021-2022 NBA Roster v. 0.1 (lottery draft edition) - Reddit

level 1. CurryFanOnline. · 4m. In the 2021 Draft, I feel that Jalen Greens ovr should be around 52 like the other top prospects becuase whenever I simulate that draft green is always getting picked at 10-15 but we all know he’s getting picked top 5.

Official NBA Roster 7.3 : BasketballGM - reddit.com

Official NBA Roster 7.3. In collaboration with videoP, james_quarters, fidacha, lttom, primitive, sithlordmoore and wavetoyou, we would like to announce the third official release of NBA Rosters for BasketballGM simulation game with some exciting new features! (If I missed any contributor, please let me know in the comments below and I will ...

List of all the best custom rosters : BasketballGM - reddit

The 82-team FIBA roster is a good one, although not every team has real players. Also the league file format is flawed, but it is still very fun to play with. It's a fun challenge to build up a team capable of dethroning USA. I also created a National Basketball League of Canada file about a year ago with all real players.